Our Services

Technical Support

Do you have any major projects or complex engineering assignments but your own team or knowledge is too limited? We will guide you, step by step and in close consultation throughout the entire process . We support you as a project manager, project engineer, planning engineer or maintenance engineer. Also, when preparing a quote and analysing tenders, we can support you.

Programming Support

Do you need support in developing websites or apps then we are ready. With an extensive knowledge and experience including various database engines, web development and development of apps we can offer a solution to your challenges.

Commissioning and Maintenance

Technical installations in buildings are becoming increasingly complex. The technicality increases, the demand for energy savings is becoming stronger and the boundary between facility and IT increasingly blurred. Moreover, the administrative burden is still growing.
Before taking a building or installation in service, it is important that it is tested under various scenarios. Do you need assistance in preparing, conducting or analyzing the results of these tests as well as in the elaboration of any follow-up actions? You can count on our expertise.
We assist you to ensure that your maintenance contractor or maintenance teams keep the performance of your building in the fields of energy, comfort and safety at the desired level during its lifetime. We analyze your maintenance program and make recommendations for optimization. We also verify that the maintenance is properly performed and all required reports and documentation are received.


We support you in the design of a wide variety of technical applications: the preparation of manufacturing drawings, 2D and 3D visualisations, engineering drawings, detail drawings or digitizing of old plans. We have the knowledge to help realize every design project, in whichever sector you are in.